5 ways to help anxiety without medication

When I first started taking medication for anxiety, it was a life saver. So, I thought. Then I noticed the side effects. I was disconnected from myself and others. And I had this brain fog – with delayed responses and poor focus. Yes, it felt good to be in la-la land – but the feel good was a mirage. Because of the side effects, I lost my freedom, for example, I couldn’t drive a car! I also FORGOT conversation or activities.

Actually, my medication was a cover up for the anxiety, and did not touch the WHY I was experiencing it, nor was it helpful to pull myself out of it, with grace, insight, and connection. It’s possible to overcome anxiety without taking medication. SAY WHAT, you say? Yes. #Truth

There are several different ways to work on the cause, or WHY you have anxiety, and stopping the progression of anxiety when triggered. I have 5 ways listed here, and I would suggest trying one at a time to see how it works for you.

BUT FIRST. The video.



Now, with the tips – in no particular order …

1st way to help anxiety without medication:

First, start with questioning yourself.

WHAT? I know, I know! This is great for when you are at the beginning of being triggered with anxiety, and there is potential of getting worked up. Ask yourself, what am I assuming here. Then, ANSWER yourself!

Then ask, what are other assumptions I could make? ANSWER yourself!

This is a great tool, that falls under Cognitive Behavior Therapy. It makes you get of your emotional mind, and into your rational mind. These questions also help you see other possibilities.

2nd way to help anxiety without medication:

Second, learn to seek the good in your life by writing in a gratitude journal.

Ugh, us worry warts, hard on our self, complaining, gloom and doom, not in present moment anxious person. I get it!! I get it! Starting to see the good we have in our life is beneficial. Write your gratitudes down in a journal (written, text, video) so you can go back and see them. Over time the gratitude journal activity will rewire your brain to be more positive.

The gratitude could be something you are thankful for, or want more of. An important note, be very specific in your gratitude, and note WHY you are grateful. Below are 2 of my actual gratitude journal entries:

  • I’m grateful for oxygen and the ability to breathe easily. Oxygen is present in abundance and I’m grateful I have the full capability to process, accept, inhale, and exhale the oxygen. I’m grateful as it allows me to calm down, reconnect with my body, and help my body function. Plus, trees help produce oxygen and they are lovey to look at.
  • I’m grateful for celebrating my birthday with family the night before and with friends today. This connection is needed for my soul. On a similar note, I’m grateful for taking action with my business, the opportunities I am seeing, and being connected to my clients. Speaking of clients, I’m grateful Shawn is working hard to finish the office, so I can provide a calmer space for myself and clients. And, Shawn, I’m grateful I’m married to Shawn, and our marriage is growing deeper, stronger, and funnier. With this birthday, I’m grateful for turning 40, growing up, becoming older and wiser. I’m grateful for all this connection, as it’s allowing me to regenerate, feel bonded with others, and damn it, it just feels good.

3rd way to help anxiety without medication:

Third, begin meditation.

There are so many ways to meditate, that it’ll be a seperate blog post. For now, what might be misunderstood, is there is no WRONG way to meditate. Seriously! What works for you is the BEST way to do it. Regarding how many minutes to meditate in the day, again, what works best for you is the BEST amount of time. I often vary my time. Another note, if you think you are too busy to meditate, then you should do it 2x a day!

Personally, my journey started sitting in a chair, feet on the floor (haha, actually I’m too short for my feet to touch, but you get the jist), with palm down on my thighs, eyes closed, listening to a guided meditation I found in the app store. Over time, I have moved to using my meditation cushion, sitting in the quarter lotus position (no, I didn’t know what this was called, I had to google it!), thumb and first finger touching (sometimes hands in prayer), and eyes closed. I alternate what kind of mediation I do. Somedays it is focusing on my breathing, listening to guided meditation, focusing on a word, chanting, or being present (listening to sounds and accepting it).

I also love meditation just lying down. Ahh, peace!

Whew! Still with me here?

4th way to help anxiety without medication:

Fourth, start identifying triggers.

Hmm, this is going to require you to be aware and notice patterns. Is there a certain time of day / night, time of the month, person, situation, tone, activity, etc.? Write down what you can recall right before the anxiety, notate how you felt, and see if you can find patterns.

Next, eliminate what you can. Remove a “friend”, stop using social media in the evening, or get up earlier in the morning for quiet time.

What you can’t eliminate, start working on coping skills, change your mindset towards the trigger, or face it. A Life Coach, hypnotherapist, or therapist can assist with this step.

5th way to help anxiety without medication:

Five, identify self-care.

Sometimes, gosh, can I say all the time???, anxiety comes up because we are not taking care of ourselves. Are you getting enough sleep, are you giving yourself compassion, are you choosing activities that you enjoy and doing them? Are you alone, or connected to others? Take inventory, and add in self-care. I do NOT see this as selfish, silly, or any negative mindset – I see this as NECESSARY no matter who you are. It is ESSENTIAL for life.

I feel so strongly about this, that I would question any objections, excuses, or doubts you could possibly come up with, if we had a coaching relationship. It is non-negotiable. I don’t care if you are a parent to 20 kids, I don’t care if you are a CEO of a billion-dollar company, I don’t care if you work full time, go to school full time, are married, and have kids – I don’t care. It.Is.Non.Negotiable.

Tough love – OUT!

Ending thoughts:

I encourage you to take 1 idea here and work it into your day, hopefully keeping at it for at least a week. Then let us know if it helped and if not, what you will try next. Using medication has its benefits, but never gets to the WHY you have anxiety, or help you prevent it. If you want faster results, contact me to see if life coaching is for you!

In the comments, tell us what you are going to try and how it goes!

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