Real Life Anxiety Attack Help


Just when you think you have everything under control. Bam. Anxiety attack. When anxiety comes out of nowhere – it is painful, scary, frustrating, and overwhelming.

I get it. I experienced it and caught it on tape!

What you will see is a real attack. Real emotion, freezing of thoughts, and messing up of words, will be shown. Why? Because I was in anxiety mode, with no edits, no makeup on, and no care how “put together” I was. Plus, you will see the change, you will see my tools, see me use them, and the outcome.


Anxiety Part 1 – don’t let that smiley face fool you! Look at that body language!!


Just breathe.

And I did. Deeply. For several minutes.

Did you know that if you can control your breathing you can control your emotions? It’s true!

Then …

Anxiety Part 2. Here are the results of using my tools to treat anxiety at home, naturally, and all by myself. Look at that body language!


Anxiety Attack Help Tips:

The first step is being aware that I was gearing up into full blown anxiety attack, and the second step was the desire to get out of anxiety mode. Those were completed prior to filming, approx 20 minutes after the email.  To me, the third step is action.

  • I took control back. My trigger of anxiety attack was the email, and I asked myself what I could do to feel in control – because honestly, I felt out of control. Out of control of my emotions, my reactions, and what the email was about. So, I sent a MINDFUL RESPONSE back via email, asking for more information. At this point, this was all I could contribute to the email situation. Getting answers can help me further refine my MINDFUL RESPONSE.


  • I decided to talk it out with … get this … myself. Self talk, even if caught on video, is helpful! I reminded myself it will be OK. I reminded myself to get OUT OF EMOTION and use my tools. Then, I was able to retrieve my skills / tools … slowly – AND THAT IS OK!… cause it’s hard to connect with the rational mind at this time. Fight – flight – freeze response was full on, and it was hard to THINK!  I mean, this was hard for me to process and access my tools… but I did it. The self talk helped me to get where I needed to go – into my higher self, the rational mind, and the oh-so-important prefrontal cortex.


  • I connected to my body. I did this my focusing on my breathing. My breathing deeply, for several minutes, allowed me to calm the physical, psychological and hormonal responses the body was using to “protect me”. This is more than counting to 10. This is breathing to get out of my head to get into my body. For me, there is no magical number of breaths, but there is a magical occurrence that happens when I deeply and slowly breath. I’m magically, naturally, back in control. Back at ease. Back to now.


  • The last tool used was to ask myself what did I need. Often anxiety is created when we are not getting what we need. For me to truly come back to alignment, I need something … and that something was to be present. To be in the moment of safety, truth, and reality. Gifting myself the present moment was a need tied to compassion, integrity, and authenticity – 3/5 of my core values. Getting back to my values completed the full circle of naturally overcoming my anxiety attack.

Please leave a comment below with what you found insightful, helpful, or a tool that you use that has helped you break the anxiety chain. I would love to hear about it!

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Take care.


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