Best Morning Routine Ideas

I wanted a better life. A better life for myself, and my family and I knew it started with me. Whatever this “better life” was, I knew I needed a place to start. I decided to tackle my mornings, as morning mood and intention really do set the tone for the day. Anxiety gu-bye! My best mornings ever were going to start the next day! Good, happy, better mornings, here I come!

I began by looking at successful (and perhaps happy?) people like Oprah, Arianna Huffington, Jeff Bezon, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson to give me inspiration. I continued to research and learn, and gather routines. The biggest take away I learned, the key ingredient to all of this: CONSISTENCY. Every day. S-S (Sunday through Saturday).

There were patterns and I’m going to share what patterns I noticed.

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get up early to have the best mornings

As a late riser, this was like climbing the mountain with 1 step. It SEEMED impossible. However, consistently across the board, every successful person I read up on started the day early. Some woke up at 3:45 a.m. (egads!), some woke up at 5:30 a.m. There is a range in here, which I found comforting.

The reasons to wake up early are to have peaceful quiet time, have more of a leisurely morning with plenty of time to accomplish what they want.

Real life tidbit: we all have different body clocks. What is yours?  If you *think* you are a night owl – you could test it out for a week by waking up early and going to bed early. Pay attention: if you notice more energy and productivity in the morning you might be a morning lark in disguise. If you *know* you’re a true blue night owl, waking up early could be harmful to you.

I thought I was a night owl, but I tested this out and realized I really am a morning lark. I’m a morning lark that couldn’t get out of bed (snooze is my best friend). How I fixed this is found in this blog and video post.

Action: If you don’t know FOR SURE if you are a morning lark or night owl, test it out. If you are a morning lark then start waking up early with plenty of time to accomplish ALL that you want to accomplish. For me, I gave myself 1 hour and 30 minutes of early morning time. If you’re a night owl, still wake up early enough to accomplish what you want. I went from waking up, reluctantly, at 7:30 a.m. to waking up at 5:15 a.m.

me time for a better day

Alright, so the purpose of the early rise is to get “me time”. What does me time look like? Well, this varied. Some options are meditation, journaling, expressing gratitude, reading a book, reading the newspaper, watching the sun come up, prayer, cooking a healthy breakfast, sitting in the sauna, exercising, setting intentions of the day and using the law of attraction.

Me time is a form of self-care and is essential if you want to overcome anxiety and feel good – and BE healthy for others.

Action: Notice the options do NOT include getting on your phone, looking at social media, or returning emails. It is about YOU (or me, cause it’s me time). The action I would like for you to take is to see which options connect with you and add 1 or 2 options to test them out. If you love them, and they are helping your day be more successfu and joyful, then make it a consistent routine. If not, test out other options. Feel free to add an activity not listed above if it’s MOTIVATING and UPLIFTING for you. Out of the options listed above, I currently use 4.

connection for a better life

This was interesting. While the word “connection” was not explicitly used, it’s what it’s all about. Connecting with loved others in the home such as partner, kid(s), roommate, animals – and of course, yourself. Some ways to connect (as applicable!) sex, cuddling, tickling, hugging, conversation, laughing, sharing an experience, and playing. Keep in mind the connection can be for a short time – think quality over quantity.

Connections seemed to be more of a live experience and not virtual, but if you do a video or call in the morning to say “Hi I love you”, then I see that as connecting.

In regards to connection with yourself – express gratitude and compassion for yourself. Be kind to yourself. Forgiving. Add in self-care to your day.

Action: Identify a way and time to build more authentic loving connection into your morning. Implement it. Tell people about it so you have accountability and support. I’ve added several of these and let me tell you, my relationships with others and myself are STRONGER, more LOVING, and PLAYFUL. This equals less anxiety and isolation.

exercise for a better you

This one was discussed earlier, but because of the weight of it, it bears its own headline. Exercise, exercise, exercise. Exercise is the cheapest antidepressant, and anti-anxiety drug out there, with the LEAST harmful side effects and the MOST positive side effects!! Ways to exercise include, but are not limited to running, tennis, weight lifting, yoga, walking, HIIT, swimming, bike riding, exercise classes, barre, etc!

Action: To be honest here, I need to add this to my morning.

The action for ME and YOU is to identify an exercise to add to the morning. Then add it. haha There are many tools to make this work for you (and me!). Google around, or ask friends. Again, an accountability partner is a good thing.

eat the frog for feeling of accomplishment

This tidbit title is from a popular book Eat That Frog, where it discusses focusing on the most important tasks to get them done AND to do the hardest thing first.

I think I just had an ah-ha moment. I think I might need to exercise first instead of making that last in my morning routine.

“If the first thing you do each morning is to eat a live frog, you can go through the day with the satisfaction of knowing that that is probably the worst thing that is going to happen to you all day long.”

The “frog” he is talking about is your most important task or work—the one you’re dreading the most because it’s so big and important that it’s creating anxiety and you are excellent with procrastinating over it. Building the habit to do your frog task first can give you a huge boost of feeling successful first thing.

I’ve read (ok truthfully I’ve listened) to this book several times. I like it.

Action: Identify 3 must-do activities. Pick the most important one, and work on that first. The rest of your day will only be easier. You got this!!

Try it daily for a week. What did you notice?

in conclusion

I’m all about being realistic. Incorporating these changes was a challenge for me, as I hit barrier after barrier. Heck, I got in my OWN WAY! Kicking my excuses to the side and removing barriers was the hard part, and once I did this, my mornings FLOURISHED. They are THRIVING.I’m having the BEST MORNINGS ever. I look forward to my mornings. I wanted a change, I wanted a better life for myself and my family, and it’s happening.

It’s possible for you too.

If you encounter barriers, self-sabotage, or excuses, I encourage to find an accountability partner. If you are wanting to have a go at this yourself, here is a blog post for motivations to have a good morning. With motivation, clearing internal blocks, and accountability – HAVING THE BEST MORNING ROUTINE IS POSSIBLE! End result? Better mornings, better days, better nights.

Leave a comment of which tip you are going to try first to start having better mornings.