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decision making

Decision Making Made Easier with these 2 tips. Even if you're a busy Business Owner with Stress and Anxiety. Something amazing happened for me recently. It’s significant because I was able to make a decision without seeking feedback, reassurance, or confirmation from...

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holistic approach

Quick Holistic Approaches to Healing Anxiety and Lowering Stress for Busy Entrepreneurs You're busy right? I hear ya! You're interested in holistic quick tips to heal your stress and anxiety? I hear that too! Let's keep this one short and simple! I gathered ideas for...

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Deal with stress

Deal with Stress & Anxiety based on your personality type If you want feelings of ease, freedom, and connection in your life, you might want to consider finding the solution from within your personality type. Anxiety and stress often come up because you have an...

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Do I have anxiety or stress

Do I have Anxiety or Stress or both? Why it matters and what they do to your body As humans, we all experience stress and anxiety. It's nature's way of keeping us safe, preparing us, and motivating us. Stress and anxiousness can be good things, but the problem is when...

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3 steps to save a relationship

3 Steps to Save a Relationship Relationships are essential for humans as we have an innate desire to connect and belong. It's true that a person can literally die due to a lack of genuine and healthy relationships. For a person with high stress and anxiety, it can be...

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