Business and Life Success With the Enneagram

Can an ancient system rooted in traditional teachings, with modern contributors, bring enlightenment, team work, and a better bottom line for business success? For some major corporations today, the resounding answer is YES!

Successful businesses, such as Microsoft, the CIA, and LEGO, use the Enneagram. Have you heard of it? The Enneagram (pronounced any-a-gram) refers to an ancient symbol — a circle inscribed with nine points — with each point indicating a different personality type. Each type is driven by a set of fears, motivations, and behaviors. No type is better or worse than the other.

The Enneagram is a POWERFUL tool that offers shortcuts to personal and professional development for success in life and work. It looks at your ego, and helps it evolve. It is similar to other psychology assessments, such as the Myers Briggs. A major difference is the Enneagram allows for growth of your type. Because it pushes you to grow out of the box you’re in, there will be more possibilities for you in at work. I am one the few life coaches in Kansas that use the Enneagram in coaching.

The purpose of the Enneagram is to help improve relationships with personal development. The Relationships are to yourself and with others. As business is about strong relationships, they work together well. If you use the Enneagram at work, then you will have more success at work.

Map to Improve

personal development




conflict resolution


decision making

emotional intelligence




Sounds interesting? It is!

I love working with the Enneagram in my coaching practice. Most of all, it creates awareness to the blind spots we all have. Clients of mine have been able to implement changes immediately. Personally, as a result of working on my type, type 6, it has helped me get out of my own way to build my business, improve relationships with others, and understand when I need to offer myself compassion. Plus, my everyday anxiety has been reduced!

Please look at the PowerPoint video below. This was a practice run for when I give this presentation to business owners this week.

Enjoy, and take ACTION for improvement by calling to schedule your Enneagram typing and transformation, today!