How to cure anxiety naturally. What they don’t tell you about anxiety.

This is an opinion with fact post. Perhaps an informative post about how to cure anxiety naturally and what medical doctors don’t tell you.

This is a post for you to open your mind.

This is perhaps a rather nerdy/deep post. If you want your quick action steps, skip down to the bulleted items.

But first

FYI: When I refer to anxiety, I’m talking about mild to moderate anxiety and generalized anxiety with or without a diagnosis.

My background is in the medical community. I practice occupational therapy, and I still do.

With my medical training, I learned that anxiety “just kind of happens” within a life to some people with no real reason behind it OR it’s because of a “chemical imbalance” and once “you get it you got it” and you need to be treated with medication and psychotherapy.  I was also taught that anxiety was not curable, but it was able to be “managed”.

I believed it because at that time I didn’t have a reason to doubt what the medical textbooks were teaching me.

During my schooling, I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression. That’s pretty common as they’re often interlinked with each other. I was told by more than one Primary care doctor and more than one psychotherapist that it’s a chemical imbalance and something that cannot be cured.  I was then treated for the “incurable condition” with medication.

Now, today, I call bull shit on the “incurable condition” that is a “chemical imbalance” and can only be “managed”.

If I say gag me with a spoon, does that date me? 

What they don’t tell you

What I know to be true is that this “chemical imbalance” is really about the low levels of serotonin and dopamine in your brain. Low serotonin causes anxiety (and other things).

What can lower serotonin?

  • Chronic Stress
  • Hormonal changes (example PMS, menopause, age or any other hormone system that isn’t working properly such as your thyroid or adrenal can impact it)
  • GI issues/Inflammation/ Gut health
  • Poor diet (example sugar, carbs, or something you might have an intolerance to)
  • Environmental factors such as heavy metal, pesticides
  • Drugs such as prescription drugs (!! antidepressants, antibiotics, and cholesterol medications can do this!!) and illegal drugs
  • Caffeine, alcohol, nicotine, NutraSweet (aspartame)

Now the neurotransmitters and hormones in your brain are very sensitive to other hormones, inflammation, and environmental factors. See the bullet list above.

What does the doctor do when you have anxiety? They give you a medication to help keep the serotonin in the brain, to cover up the symptoms of anxiety. In theory, this sounds great, right?

Symptoms of  anxiety = “craziness”? Barf. Nope no. I call it having a rought time.

But it does MORE THAN keep serotonin in the body, and it ends up making you kind of numb, right? Bonus, you end up with all these not so fun side effects. 

The issue I see is the medication is not a cure, just a cover-up. Disclaimer *medication is helpful when we need the time to heal*

Question provoking time:

  • Have you experienced headache, insomnia, low sex drive, dizziness, and weight gain on the anxiety meds?
  • When you are in a relationship and your sex drive dies – what does that do to the relationship?
  • Can we take a minute here and respect the fact that there is an actual cause to that chemical imbalance?
  • Can we take a moment here and be open to the possibility of holistically fixing that cause?

Answer time. It is possible to heal yourself and get to the point where you don’t need/want the anxiety medication. How do I know? It’s something I was able to do.

Lowering stress can cure anxiety

What I’ve learned is that high stress fuuuucks up your body. High stress, has its own hormone of sorts, called cortisol. Cortisol is essential and useful in small doses and helps us, yet when we experience long-term stress, it builds up in the body. The build-up causes significant harm and becomes an enemy to all functions of the body.

Again it’s totally natural to have cortisol in the body as it’s released during the fight-flight-freeze response to keep us safe.

What we need to do is clear out the excessive cortisol.

How do I do this?

  • Coping skills
  • Life skills
  • Sleep
  • Exercise
  • Improved Gut health
  • Lower your stress (life skills or changes)
  • Healthy diet
  • Massage

How’s that for starters?

Gut health could cure anxiety

If you’ve noticed, I mentioned gut health more than once here. What that is referring to is the bacteria biome in your digestive system. You should have a high number of “good” bacteria and low number or none of the “bad” bacteria.

True story here I was walking along all carefree and fine and on purpose, I messed up my gut health. On purpose!!  I found out I had these horrible bacteria in my gut and I needed to kill them.

I started taking 2 supplements to kill the bacteria in my gut, again remember I was happy and carefree and just having a good time.

Within a week of taking the supplements, I developed anxiety again. With my coping skills, I was able to keep it at bay, but it kept coming up!

A week later it got worse as I was having panic attacks almost daily and my coping skills were barely managing it.

Then the following week I went into a depression where I thought I should just drive out in front of the cars in a busy intersection and end my life. In less than 3 weeks on these supplements, because I was killing all the bacteria in my gut (good and bad), WHICH DECREASED MY PRODUCTION OF SEROTONIN, I went from being carefree to wanting to commit suicide. That is fucked up shit!

Side note: I stopped the supplements and within 4 days I no longer had anxiety. I was back to carefree and happy.

That could be stuff you are dealing with – but you are not aware that it could be a contributing factor.

Your gut health directly impacts your mental and physical health. Your second brain is in your gut so if your gut isn’t thriving with the right food, right water amount, and good bacteria then most likely you’re not going to be okay mentally.

90% or more of serotonin is created in your gut.

Consider taking probiotics, getting your gut checked by a doctor – actually have them do a stool sample to see what’s going on in there to fully know.

Serotonin levels matter

sunlight in tree, 3 friends laughing, woman sleeping

Serotonin is our friend and needs to be at optimal levels.

Oh crap!  How do I increase my serotonin?

  • Exercise
  • Take proven probiotics for gut health
  • Bask in sunlight
  • Good sleep
  • Be happy – no joke.  This is where positivity, life and coping skills come into play.

Basically, this is what I want you to know.

I do get anxiousness at times because I am a human.

Human’s will experience anxiousness.

I no longer have the debilitating anxiety – that prevented me from doing my work, being in a healthy loving relationship, parenting with kindness, being a role model of a healthy adult to my child, and being present with friends.

I’ve stopped taking medications.  I’m using my coping and life skills, and I’m thriving.

I challenge you to open your mind.

Become open that one day you do not need to cover up the symptoms of anxiety with drugs anymore, as you went after the cause and conquered it.

Lowering the stress in your life which is real or perceived, learning coping & life skills which include taking care of yourself which is called self-care, living aligned within your values which means making decisions based on things that you value in your life, and setting your Social Circle up so that you’re in a healthy environment, and improving your physical health with food, sleep, and exercise are tickets to laughter, freedom, ease, and flexibility.

It’s 100% possible. A hundred percent.

So if you wanted to fix your relationships, get to sleep at night at a decent time, set your children up to know that being an adult does not mean screaming and yelling and crying, enjoy going to work, have the motivation and drive to be fruitful in your life, have fun, experience adaptability, and open your eyes here is your action step.

Reach out to me.

Working with Focused Outcomes the above scenario is possible and it’s something I can help with.

I’ve been there.

I’ve done it.

I’m reigning Anxiety to Happiness Queen right now. I want to share my title with you.

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