Decision Making Made Easier with these 2 tips.

Even if you’re a busy Business Owner with Stress and Anxiety.

Something amazing happened for me recently. It’s significant because I was able to make a decision without seeking feedback, reassurance, or confirmation from anybody else on a topic that previously would’ve been filled with anxiety.

Plus, I was able to make this decision quickly! 

As a business owner, we have to make quick decisions all the time. Sometimes it seems impossible to make a decision as we’re already full of stress or making the decision creates anxiousness.

You probably have stress and anxiety because you’re reading this blog. It might be helpful to know some ways stress and anxiety impair decision making.

  • Fear facilitates no action or impulsive action
  • Doubt in decision-making abilities (perhaps low self-confidence)
  • Due to the high emotion associated with anxiety, it’s harder to access the parts of the brain for flexible thinking and prioritizing
  • inability to correctly calculate risks and rewards
  • Deficits in long-term planning
  • Inability to learn from mistakes
  • Decisions made based on habit and not thought or desired goal outcome

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My stressful decision

This is what happened. I discovered a new job opportunity to expand my reach with my business. One that really excited me when I first heard about it and my mind quickly imagined all the fabulous possibilities.

FYI I was not leaving Focused Outcomes. The opportunity was pure coaching to increase my coaching skills and perhaps get referrals for the business.

And that’s why I was so excited because I.Love.Coaching. If I could do that all day long I would!

I mean, that’s why I started Focused Outcomes, right? Haha

There was a quick turn around time of hearing about the opportunity to getting an interview – which could have been stressful, but it wasn’t.

I was pumped. Super excited!

During the interview, the requirements were being discussed that I noticed were making me feel uncomfortable. The job details had a lot of restrictions put into place, and for some reason, it did not sit right with me.

Now, these were typical job duties and requests – they were reasonable expectations. Perfectly reasonable.

I’ve had other jobs with the same expectations.

As the interview progressed the tightness in my body magnified. At the end she said “we would love for you to go to the next step” and  “you’re a perfect candidate for our job”.

I told her I’d be interested to continue, as that’s what I’ve always done, I’ve not finished the interview process before even if I didn’t like the job.

1st way to make decisions

My body was telling me something was not right.

My body knew first.

With learning to pay attention to the tightness, the shallow breaths, and feeling uncomfortable, I knew this was a signal that anxiety or stress was around the corner.

Keep in mind – anxiety IS A USEFUL tool.

It tells you when something ain’t right!

Being able to pay more attention to your body can help you make better decisions.

So, how can you cultivate this in your life?

Continuing with the story

After I hung up the phone I was thinking this doesn’t feel right.

And as I was sitting there reflecting I looked at my daily calendar. In my calendar, I write the feelings that I want to achieve daily.

The very first feeling I have written down is Freedom.


I’ve a lot of freedom right now – in my business and at the company I work for where I practice occupational therapy.

I’ve created a lot of freedom in my life.

And I love it.

As I was looking at the word Freedom, I realized that this new job, would not grant me the freedom I was seeking and I’ve cultivated in my life.

It didn’t make me stressed or anxious. 

It put a smile on my face that I was able to connect what my body and my heart were telling me, and my mind was able to understand.

And… and I was able to say no to somebody that I wouldn’t have said no to previously.

2nd way to make a decision

Tap into your desired feelings.

These feelings are called your core desired feelings (system created by Danielle LaPorte) and they are a tool to ease your way with making decisions towards.

Did you know it’s impossible to make decisions without feelings? True story.

It’s helpful to have a clear idea of the feelings you want to have before you need to make tough decisions.

If I didn’t have a clarity, I would have continued with the interview process and if hired, I’d have felt caged or restricted. That would have caused MORE anxiety and stress.

With the desired feelings in mind, I sent an email to the job recruiter and said thank you for the opportunity. I’m going to decline the interview process.

I did it so easily, without regret, without fear, or seeking validation from somebody else.

That was unheard of in my life for me to make a huge decision on my own without seeking input from others.

This was made possible by paying attention to my body, and clearly knowing what my core desired feelings are.

How can you find your desired feelings? Some tips are:

  1. How do you want to feel in these areas of your life (livelihood & lifestyle, body & wellness, creativity & learning, and essence & spirituality)?
  2. Write down the words of how you want to feel (freely use the thesaurus)
  3. Clearly define the words (your own definitions or using the dictionary)
  4. Narrow down the words.

Other options that I use personally (with affiliate links)

Wrap Up

Often, your body knows the right path before the brain/mind does.

Often we go through life wanting meaningless goals. Understanding your core desired feelings gives you goals with purpose and soul.

Both of these working together help you make better decisions before or when stress and anxiety are kicking in.

This can help your business grow faster, easier, and with fewer mistakes (cause come on – as a business owner we’ll be making mistakes).

If you’ve never worked on your body awareness or your core desire feeling I would love to help you with that.

Both are game changers that every human can benefit from to make decisions, feel better, and live a life with purpose.

You never know, you might be pruning parts of your company, firing people, starting new relationships, taking your business in new directions, moving to new places, etc., so that you can start having the feelings you want – daily.

You never know, you might be able to use stress and anxiety as a tool and see it’s use and purpose for better in your life and business.

Reach out to me to discover your core desired feelings and develop your body awareness, so you can make easier and better decisions with an alignment of your body, mind, and heart.