Good Morning Motivation

Hate the crabby and rushed mornings? Do you have dread getting up because you know it’s not going to be a good morning?

Been there. Bitchfully done that.

My mornings were rushed, stressful, and full of anxiety. My alarm would go off, I would hit snooze, and think “this is NOT a good morning”. I wanted more sleep, I didn’t want to get up, blah blah blah. I felt this way for 25-some years, always grumbling or panicking when I got out of bed – preplanning the day for when I could take a nap. Mornings were stressful!!! After coming to the realization there is a connection of a good morning and a successful day, I decided to look into having goooood mornings!

I mean, mornings were a HOT MESS around this joint with waking up late, rushing around and feeling flustered. I would get to work on time, but I could STILL feel the effects of my crazy no good morning routine throughout the day.

Once I woke up to how unproductive and harmful to my mental health it was, I’ve been on the hunt to create good mornings. After trial and adjusting, I’ve landed on my successful, nurturing, and powerful morning routine. The base of having a good morning was my desire to change my attitude, then add a new routine.

With the new attitude, I finally have good mornings.

That bears repeating.

I finally have consistent very good mornings.

BUT FIRST (Big Brother reference)

Before I write a blog post on my morning routine, we need to go deeper first – with the mindset or attitude. A desire for a new attitude towards a good morning is the first step. But where is that motivation at? Do you have access to motivation to have a good morning? Do you want one?

I suspect for some of you, there is a need to get in touch with the motivation besides a “yes I want that.” I can help you. After taking action with this blog post, you will create the foundation to get in touch with a positive attitude  – leading you to easily access your motivation for consistent good mornings.

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awareness: is the current habit harmful?

Where was I? Stressed. Anxious. Yelling. Flustered. Wanted to quit.

Where am I now? Chill. Laughing. Calm. Ready. At ease. Rested.

Lesson learned: I had to wake up to the knowledge that I was in a self-harming cycle. Honestly. It was not on purpose, it was a habit. I had to create the awareness that my mornings were harmful to my health. My mornings were harmful to my daughter and my husband. MY BEHAVIOR AND HABITS WERE CREATING STRESS IN MY LOVED ONE’S MORNING. That is F’ed up! I’m supposed to be the nurturing loving mother. I THOUGHT I was the nurturing and loving mother. But that was not always the truth. 100% not the truth in the morning. So I was creating stress for the whole family, because of my behavior. The behavior that I thought was “just who I am”.

I didn’t like the discovery of this. Which lead me to challenge the social/cultural idea that I need to be “loved for who I am” and I “didn’t need to change”. Now it’s true that I still need to be loved, but my habits didn’t need to be. My core didn’t need to change, but I sure did need to change destructive habits.

It boils down to taking ownership of my habits and behaviors, acknowledging what was working and what wasn’t working, and for the ones not working, to actively change them.


  1. Become aware of your morning environment/habit/behavior
    • how is it affecting you
    • pay attention to how it’s affecting others
    • how long does it affect you & others (minutes, hours, days?)
  2. Take ownership of your behavior/habit/environment
  3. Pick 1 behavior/habit to change
  4. Give yourself compassion and don’t beat yourself up
  5. Actively work on changing the habit/environment/behavior

Action: Complete steps 1-4. Get an accountability buddy, or verbalize your plan to family members, or do what works for you to keep yourself motivated with this process – cause it’s a new process. When you are successful with changing the habit, go back and repeat the steps until you feel there are no more harmful habits to change.  Continue to give yourself compassion.

create your good morning vision

Where was I? No vision, running on habit with no thoughts.

Where am I now? Rip-roaring ready to get my day on cause I know what I want.

Lesson learned: Knowing your vision for what you want your morning or day (or both!) to look like can bring drive and motivation. Actively being aware of wants and visualizing what your good morning is, can help you create it. I completed this exercise of a successful morning 1x, and while writing this blog post I reviewed it. Everything that I asked for, that I visualized, is happening. That’s amazing to me!


  • Write out what your good morning looks like.
    • Begin with the end in mind
    • What you would love to see happen?
    • Include waking up times, energy to have, and routines

Action: Complete the step above. Make sure to write it out on the computer, paper, or your phone. This is something that you need to be able to review and access. Review it as often as needed. Some people want to look at this daily, biweekly, weekly, etc. Do what works best for you. For me, this exercise was so powerful that I reviewed it a few times and then didn’t look at it for 6+ months.

feelings to look forward to when getting out of bed

Where was I? No connection or knowledge of what feelings I wanted to have. I knew what I didn’t want, but not what I wanted.

Where am I now? Oh boy! I got me my list of feelings!! I write out my feelings I want to have daily in my morning planner. There are currently 6 desired feelings that I review monthly to see if they are still the feelings that I want.

Lesson learned: Simplified answer: knowing what feelings you want in your day will help with your mental health, and help with making decisions that align with the feelings you want to achieve.  One of the feelings I want is excitement. So I’ve made choices and created things that bring me excitement. Some are big, some are small. But the point is, I’m getting my excitement DAILY.


  1. Brainstorm what feelings you want to have for a good morning.
    • Go deeper than “happy”.
    • Have 3-5 feelings.
    • Know that you won’t touch on every desired feeling every morning, but the plan is to touch on at least 1.
  2. Define the feeling. What is YOUR definition of it?
  3. What are things that can bring you that feeling?
  4. Make choices or create processes to bring that feeling to you.

Action: Write out and complete steps 1-4.

in conclusion

The motivation for a good morning comes from knowing what you want and then making it happen. It’s a choice, an awareness of current habits, and knowing what you want.

There is a good amount of writing and work for finding what you want. However, if the natural consequences of completing these exercises is a good morning for you and your household, isn’t it worth it?

Please drop a line of what exercise you most look forward to doing! I’m excited to hear!!

Please share this post if you know of someone that can benefit from creating a good morning.

Take care. D