Habit Forming: Tips to keep on keeping on

Hello, hello!  Last week I talked about a mind hack to develop a new habit. A link to that post is below. This week, I want to share 3 tips you can do when a new habit or goal isn’t happening fast enough. The motivation to keep working with the new habit can wane, as habit forming is a process of changing a behavior.

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Habit Forming tip 1: Compassion

Tip #1 is to offer yourself compassion. Instead of negative self-talk, for instance, “this will never happen”, or “I’m so lazy”, or “insert your negative self-talk here”, say to yourself “this is OK”, “this is a learning process”, or “insert positive self-talk here”. Why is this important? Well, it keeps you motivated. It helps you stay on course to what you want, instead of detouring to what is not important (falling off the horse). Self-compassion leads to success QUICKER. Compassion is nurturing and forgiving. Using self-compassion fights anxiety and stress. Don’t you deserve these benefits? Kristen Neff, a leading researcher in self-compassion, details numerous benefits to self-compassion. Some of these benefits are: happiness, optimism, positive affect, wisdom, personal initiative, curiosity, agreeableness, and conscientiousness. Basically, stop beating yourself up and be kind to yourself.

Habit for tip 2: Re-evaluate

Tip #2 is to check in with yourself to see if this new habit is really benefiting you. This part is all about checking in with yourself. Ask yourself where is the break down? Are there supports you need in place that your currently don’t have? The supports could be more self-care, people, or awareness. Re-connect with what could be possible in your life with the new habit. Is it success at work? Would relationships improve? What about your relationship to yourself? Could your health improve? Look at mental, physical, and spiritual (soul) health. Once you know these answers, see what you need to do to adjust. You might need a few adjustments, you might not need any. Whatever it is, it’s OK. Reconnect. Know what you need. Move on. And breathe!

Habit forming tip 3: Feelings of Success

Tip #3 is to connect with the feelings you will have when you successfully develop this new habit. Imagination comes into play here. Image the feelings of when you successfully MAINTAIN this new habit. Could you feel more alive? Is there a sense of purpose in your life now? What about inner peace, joy, or excitement? Is there fearless, triumph, or fabulousness brewing? Even imagine big picture feelings. Would you feel accomplishment or pride? Connect these feelings to the habit. Feel good about it. Let yourself have the process.

From a coaching aspect, have someone help with accountability. A coach could help you connect your needs to the new habit, and really anchor in what is possible. I wish you self-compassion, and success. You can do eet!

Enjoy the video~

3 things to do when a desired goal isn't happening fast enough

3 things to do when a desired goal isn't happening fast enough.Please share if you found this helpful!Link to blog with more details of the 3 tips :https://focusedoutcomes.life/3-tips-when-a-desired-habit-isnt-happening-fast-enough/

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Leave a comment below of which tip you will try first. Remember, if you need accountability, motivation, and support, a coach is a smart tool to have in your back pocket!