Help Falling Asleep With Anxiety

Imagine this. You are tired, perhaps exhausted, and ready for bed. You climb into bed, fluff the pillow, pull the sheet over you, and … your mind starts to wind up. Your “to do” list, your “why did I do that” list, your “F!” list. These lists turn on. Yet, you are tired. So tired. And you think, why can’t I get to sleep? And you wish, maybe pray, or curse, about this need for sleep. You toss and turn and get frustrated. You will do anything for relief, for getting help with falling asleep.

And you decide this is the last F’ng time, that I am going to have insomnia. insomnia help, anxiety help, sleep and anxiety, sleep help, sleep, anxiety, insomnia

Do you relate?

I did. This went on for years, and I had no idea how to help it. I wanted the magic pill. My doctor prescribed them to me and I took them, with side effects. This wasn’t working. My anxiety worsened.

My sleep continued to worsen.

It wasn’t until I got a handle on the anxiety that my sleep improved. With my research, I learned anxiety contributed to my insomnia and vice versa. One can cause the other.

I’ve struggled with restless sleep, and if you have anxiety, you probably have too! To help, I created a short video and PDF to Get Your Sleep Back. It has actionable steps to start TODAY for rest TONIGHT. I highly suggest you get it. It’s found on the home page, after you provide your email. To get the free tip sheet go Here To This Page

After reflecting on it, I decided there is so much more to add, and I wanted to expand a bit. Here are 2 additional tips for help getting to sleep.

Get to sleep tip 1

Start to develop an awareness to what outside stimulation is going on 2-3 hours before bedtime. Become aware, and adapt your environment or YOURSELF. Examples of negative stimulation are fighting, TV content, social media, or particularly stimulating (and not in a FUN way!) friends or family. Examples of positive stimulation are playing, tickling, or friendly competition that could cause insomnia.

Actionable steps would be after noticing, see what you can change. Can you watch your favorite crime show an hour before? What about leave the room while the kids are rough housing in play? Can you approach your spouse with love and compassion? Find a stimulus and change it. Get your sleep back!

Tip #2 is coming up, BUT FIRST

the video

P.S. Did you know that Big Brother is one of my favorite TV shows?

P.P.S. Did you know I LOVE TO SING? *warning alert*

Now that the sleepy song is over, back to tip 2.

Get to sleep tip 2

This next tip is taking more of the long route. Something that most people don’t know is the products we put on our skin can contribute to sleep disturbances AND anxiety. What happens is, the toxins get into the skin, go into the blood stream, to the liver, where they accumulate making the liver harder to filter and create bile, essential for the body to function. This creates high levels of toxicity in the body, and creates havoc with our hormones. Hormones that impact our mood AND our sleep.

So, what needs to happen here, is to go through all your beauty items. I’m talking about soap, body wash, toothpaste, shampoo, moisturizer, face wash, make up, etc. Grab all that stuff!

Read the ingredients. Look for anything that has perfume or fragrance. Those are warning flags and alternatives products should be looked at. Fragrance has been called the “new second-hand smoke”. Next look for parabens – and keep in mind the beginning of the word might be something else, with the ending as parabens. This is a known hormone disruptor. Nix those too.

There are other things to be aware of, but these are the 2 biggest culprits, in my opinion.

Action to take: start replacing the beauty products with alternatives that are kinder to your system. You can visit the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Database to find safer products. You can also take action by cleaning out the toxic build up in the liver by purchasing Integrative Therapeutics – Lipotropic Complex – Comprehensive Liver Support – 90 Capsules . The Lipotropic Complex, if used, should be used for at least 3 months, as it took a long time to build up the toxins, and takes time to clean the liver. Please consult with your doctor before use!!

Please share this post with people you think could benefit from a better night’s rest.

Leave a comment with the tip you are going to start with, and how better sleep can change your week.

Sleep well – Danielle