How to Get Motivated

About 2 years ago, I had an anxiety attack around my daughter. Yelling. Angry. AGAIN. I freaked out so much, I cried. It was not pretty and 100% ugly. I was ashamed. Sometimes the anxiety took me down this vortex where I felt I had no control. The motivation to keep working on the anxiety was hard to find.

She deserves better. Yes, I asked for forgiveness from her, and made amends. I deserve better. No, I didn’t give myself the same compassion.

Sometimes I felt like the full force of the anxiety would never go away. It was embarrassing. Often the motivation to overcome anxiety was gone, cause I kept making mistakes. It was discouraging.

Moving forward with motivation

I had a life coach, and I was using her services to work on my “fake” problems. During my next session, I asked if we could work on overcoming Anxiety. She said yes. I had good days and wobbly days. Now, I have pretty freaking awesome days. I worked hard and adjusted, adapted, learned, became clear and met my goals.

I get the struggle. I know the days. You have a goal in mind, a plan. Today you’re gonna keep your sh*t together. You know what you want. You’re gonna get it today.

Life interferes. There is a sickness at work, with a family member, or even yourself. You have poor sleep.

Life interferes. Problems you didn’t anticipate rear their heads, and it takes hours or days to fix. You fight with yourself or your family.

Life interferes. You woke up late. Coffee is spilt on your favorite shirt. There’s a traffic jam. The technology isn’t working. You make a mistake.

Life interferes. There is too much going on. Too many demands on your time. The dishes. What’s for dinner. Too much. Too much.

Sounds familiar?

But it’s ok. Just breathe. The Universe is working behind the scenes. I hear the marching band. You’re close to the fire. You’re hot. You can overcome this.

During life interfering times, it’s hard to stay true to what you want. I get it! I know this post is about anxiety, but what if you have something you want to overcome, achieve, or complete? That works. Same tips apply.

Want to hear me read this? I know you did! haha


Tip to reconnect

The most important tip I have is to remember your Why. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do you have this goal?
  • Why is it important?
  • Who will benefit?
  • How will they benefit?
  • What will life be like when you achieved this goal?
  • What feelings will you get when the goal is achieved?

Having clarity around your goal helps you stay focused on the outcome you want.

If need be, have an accountability partner. I offer those services.

If need be, revisit your goal to see if it’s what you truly want. Sometimes the goals shift – and that is OK. Maybe it’s not what YOU wanted, but what your spouse, or parent, or someone else wanted.

If need be, really dig into how to add the planning / scheduling of your goal into your day. I can help with that. I love planning!

If need be, get a coach to help you dig deep to uncover the poor mindset, the blocks, the barriers, the fears, that are preventing you from getting what you want. I’m trained for this stuff and I LOVE IT.

Keep working at it. Get back in the parade line! The Universe is rooting for you.

I am too.

Please leave a comment on if this tip is helpful or what goals you are wanting to make happen. I look forward to hearing from you!