How to Make a Decision

Decisions, Decisions.

Ugh, can’t decide again? I get it!! I’ve been there and sometimes it is overwhelming. I mean, how many pickles does one grocery store need?

Are people frustrated that you won’t make a decision, or pawn it off to others? I hear you! My spouse gives me the stink eye when I repeat back what he just asked me. Then a staring contest ensues.

Do you keep making the same crummy decisions over and over? (STOP LOOKING AT ME!)

I get it. Making a decision can be difficult. This inability can negatively impact your life – at work, at home. If you don’t do something about it, there is possibility that you will learn to not trust yourself. Your self confidence may decline. Your relationships may suffer.

Honestly, you are CAPABLE. You can make decisions, and you can learn to continue making GOOD decisions. You can also connect the dots to see how these decisions are adding value to your life How? See my video below …


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If you find you want quicker success in learning how to make decisions, I know someone that can help. It’s me. Yep, me. I love helping others make decision that they connect with and also learn about themselves in return. We can also work on priorities, values, boundaries, and discovery of who you are.

Need help making a decision?

Need help making decisions?Go here to get your FREE awesome Make a Decision Already tool!

Posted by Focused Outcomes Coaching & Consulting on Monday, January 29, 2018