Limiting Beliefs – Getting Past Them For New Outcomes

Not too many years ago, I believed that if I made a mistake the world would be disappointed. Really! I thought people would judge, or get upset with me. It was like I didn’t allow myself to be human. Can you imagine how that belief prevented me from trying something new – even for fun? Also, I once believed that anxiety could not be overcome without pharmaceutical medications. These beliefs were limiting beliefs that prevented me from a better, warmer, more peaceful life.

They also kept me from moving forward. I was rather stuck. I lost a lot of sleep over this.

Can you relate?

To move forward and grow, I needed to challenge my beliefs, beliefs that I held dear – they were my identity!

The good news is, it’s possible to move forward, with little mental stress that could accompany challenging beliefs.

How beliefs work

When you have a belief, your mind will find evidence to support this belief. This helps keep your mind happy. And it happens all the time! An example is when you are trying to find your car keys, and you keep saying “I can’t find my keys!”. You look everywhere with no success.

This leads you to become frustrated with NO KEYS! Then your child or partner comes in, and tells you your keys are on the counter – right in front of you – and where you checked 3x before! How many times does this happen to you? I Iost my purse all the time! Telling yourself that you can’t find the keys creates the reality that you can’t find the keys. The evidence backed up your belief.

Exercise to change limiting beliefs

Write down your belief, perhaps give juicy details of what or how the belief is stopping you from moving forward.

Ask yourself, and write down, why do you believe this statement? Look for the evidence your mind has collected to support you. Write it down. Come up with at least 2 “evidences” to back up your beliefs.

Now let’s create some doubt.

You can take deep breaths now. It’s OK, everything will be ok! Whew!

Kindly, bring curiosity to the table and ask yourself some questions. Come from the opposite point of view. Look for generalizations. Ask yourself at least 3 questions to each evidence you have.

Questions could be: how many times did this not come true? Am I considering the motivation from who I was talking to? What else can I assume?

Evidence 1:
Record 3 questions that you can ask yourself to challenge this belief
1. ____________________________________________________________________
2. ____________________________________________________________________
3. ____________________________________________________________________

Challenging your limiting beliefs

Please keep in mind, your mind is protecting you. It’s going to back you up on your beliefs! Our mind wants an easier life, and it’s easier to go along with that you are telling yourself. Limiting beliefs are often formed by your unconscious mind; your limiting belief may have been created or learned from a prior experience, repetitive negative comments (from yourself and others) or your environment.

You need to ask yourself what is my limiting belief stopping me from doing? Is my limiting belief doing more harm than good? If I had a new belief or could change a limiting belief would this help me move forward? Would I be happier? Would I feel I have more choices?

Take your limiting beliefs and update them, giving yourself a new opportunity.

Keep collecting evidence

New beliefs only work when we truly believe them.

Write down (or type, or use voice to text) your new updated belief and look for evidence to back up your belief. Continue to find evidence to back up your new belief, and you will truly start to believe and see evidence for this new updated belief.

Honestly, I love that my mind has my back. I appreciate this. Now I want to have my own mind’s back by creating beliefs that will help me!! I’ve used this exercise many times, and have update a lot of beliefs.

You know, I’d rather hold beliefs that being forth connection, excitement, and light. That’s my path! I love it! Bonus, I get a better night’s rest. Bigger bonus – changing my beliefs improved my mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Enjoy the video below, with my fabulous fizzies, lots of “ums” – and me not letting mistakes keep me from moving forward and connecting with you!


I look forward to reading your comments on how you used this exercise and what you learned!

Feel free to share with other creative souls that feel stuck!