Setting Yourself up for more Morning Routine

Ever feel like your mornings are rushed, stressful, and perhaps a hot mess? I felt this way for 20-some years. Do you want a goooood morning? I sure did! Mornings were a HOT MESS around this joint. I woke up late, was rushing around and flustered. I would get to work on time, but STILL feel the effects of my crazy no good morning routine. In fact, I think it would take me until lunchtime to recover from it!

Once I woke up to how unproductive it was, I’ve been on the hunt for a better morning routine. After trial and adjusting, I’ve landed on my successful, nurturing, and powerful morning routine.

Because people have asked, let me share it with you!

It actually starts with the night before and going to bed at a decent time. What’s “decent time” – eh, what works for you. I need about 7.5-9 hours of sleep for my optimal level of function. If you don’t know what you need, this might be a soft nudge for you to figure that out. The other step I complete the night before is set up the automatic coffee to go off before I am to wake up. FRESH COFFEE SMELL. yum yum

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get up early

Where was I? So, imagine this. I was waking up with 30 minutes to get out of bed, make and drink coffee, get ready for the day, get the kid up and go. This year is a bit different, as my daughter’s school starts earlier. In August of this year, I was getting up at 6:35 AM.

Where am I now? Now I get up at least an hour BEFORE I wake the kid up. Since January of this year, I have been getting up between 5:15 am- 5:30 am. Gasp, gasp, cough, cough. I know that is early right? Getting up early was a challenge, but I made it a priority and was able to accomplish this goal. I went from a night owl to a morning lark.


  1. Figure out where your priority is with your morning routine. Do you want extra time? How much? How and why will this help you in your day? What positive emotions will you feel if you do achieve this?
  2. Discover and test out ways to get up early if this is what you want. 2 techniques that helped me were writing gratitudes when I did wake up early and using the mind hack of write down 15x DAILY my intention to get up early. There are tons of strategies out there, I encourage you to explore!

Action: Answer the questions above in step 1. If you want to get up earlier then complete step 2.

Seek luxury when getting out of bed

Where was I? Go to the bathroom, put my slippers and robe on and grab my phone.

Where am I now? Same. HAHA. But seriously! I do this but I did make 2 changes. I slip my phone (that is still in airplane mode) into my robe pocket and bring it downstairs with me. No notifications are going off. I’m not looking at the news. I don’t even look at the screen. I also got super comfortable slippers to wear instead of the old broken down ones. It was time for self-care upgrade.


  • Wear comfy slippers! Having a sense of luxury/comfort in the morning first thing is a great start to the day.


100%, stop looking at your phone first thing in the morning. This morning routine is about your self-care and NOT looking at terrible news, jealousness or disappointments on social media. Responding to emails is not self-care. You can watch or read the terrible news, review the social media, and respond to others later.

Think luxury. Peace. No phone.

Invest (mine were $40) in comfortable slippers or a robe …. something that you can nurture your body with that involves softness and comfort. I look forward to putting my slippers on every morning. lol

If you currently brush your teeth and that type of stuff here, then carry on!

fluid in the morning

Where was I? Drinking 5-6 cups of coffee every morning.

Where am I now? I drink a cup of WATER first thing. Just guzzle it. This starts your day off with an essential and healthy intake to your body.  I make my coffee and have 1-2 cups.  Because I’m getting better sleep, I need less coffee. Plus, as a person with a history of anxiety, it’s best to reduce the amount of coffee. I’m even heard to stop it all together – however, that is on my radar to stop drinking coffee – EVER. I love the stuff. I haven’t noticed any negative consequences whatsoever with my reduction of coffee.  See here to look into that connection more.

Also, how quickly I drink the coffee has changed. I went from drinking a cup without moving to taking a sip here and there. I now have about 2-5 sips before I start my next step of the day.


  • Add a cup of water to your morning.
  • Drink less coffee – especially if you have anxiety.


If you don’t drink coffee, there is no need to start. If you drink tea, have at it!! Overall, drink the water and reduce the coffee.


Where was I? Had no interest and did not complete.

Where am I now? I started with adding this to my day. First, I explored meditation with different apps on my phone and I started with 1 minute.

Currently, I have 5 meditation apps that I rotate between. I have gone from 1 minute to 15 minutes of meditation. I also make a point to meditate around the same time in the morning, in the same room, and I create a relaxing environment to complete the meditation. My environment consists of my meditation cushion, aromatherapy running, and the lights on.


  • Explore meditation apps, CDs, or YouTube channels. Find 1, or 2, or 10 that you like.
  • Start with 1 minute and work your way up in time.
  • Understand that EVERY TIME your mind wanders and you catch it, that is a WIN and helps strengthen your mind and meditation ability. To me, that is a successful meditation – the catching of the wandering mind and coming back to center.
  • Set up your environment. Perhaps get a meditation cushion and use aromatherapy.


Give yourself compassion to learn meditation. Allows yourself to explore this scientifically proven method for a better mental outlook and a great start to your day.

Set up your environment. I started on the living room floor propped up against the couch. When ready modify and adapt as needed.

Once again, give yourself compassion to “learn” meditation. You CAN’T do it wrong. You can’t!

send love

Where was I? Grumpy. Running around like a chicken with my head cut off!

Where am I now? While still on my meditation cushion, I put my palms together, close my eyes, and say these words: “Namaste. I send love. I send love to myself, X, X, and X” … and I fill in the names. After 1-4 names, I pause, and repeat “I send love”. I do this over and over until I feel I’m done. Pro tip: I ALWAYS start with sending love to myself.

I use Namaste at the beginning because I connect with the definition, in particular when sending love. Namaste translates to “the divine in me bows to the divine in you”. Beautiful, eh?

After starting with sending love to myself, my husband, and daughter, I’m flexible and go with the flow for other names. Sometimes I use groups of people, such as my close group of friends called the “NERDS”, sometimes I name every NERD, sometimes I only say the name of a particular friend as I know she is struggling more. There are times when I repeat the name of a person … like I’m cementing the fact that I am sending love to this person. I always say the name of people that I need to forgive or develop compassion for. When I send love the primary focus is on my ability to forgive and see compassion and love to all … then I notice it flows to the other person as well. God / the Universe / Mother Nature… it’s powerful!


  • Get comfortable
  • Send love/compassion/peace to people – very much in particular to people that you are getting along with and people that you might not be getting along with.
  • Be sincere in your intention for the love/compassion/peace. This is healing for your mind, body, and soul.


Try it daily for a week. What did you notice?

journal / planner / desired feelings / gratitude

Where was I? Did NONE of this.

Where am I now? Complete all of it! I use the Danielle LaPorte Daily Planner. I love this tool SO MUCH that I’ve started the facilitator program to teach others.

Do WRITE down (paper or phone or computer):

core desired feelings, cdf, loa, gratitude, daily planner, lfk, morning routine, schedule, success

Example of my planner with my morning routine

  • Your schedule.
  • The desired feelings do you want to get today. (mine are abundant, connected, excited, light, strong, and thriving)
  • What are the top 3 things you MUST complete no matter what?
  • Discover a choice/ action to make that will get one of your desired feelings met?
  • Is there something you need to stop doing? Do you know what to start doing instead?
  • What are you grateful for?
  • Anything else on your mind to add?


Pick 2 or more of these things and add them to your morning routine. To help with anxiety, I highly recommend getting in touch with your desired feelings and what you are grateful for! If you need help, reach out to me!

in conclusion

Looking at all the stuff that I do, it looks like it could take forever!

It doesn’t. To complete 15 minutes of meditation, send love, use the daily planner, and all … it takes me 30-40 minutes. This includes taking my time and reflecting. I am not rushing through this process. It is slow and relaxing, and immensely beneficial for the start of my day. What’s better? My overall mood, planning, and relationships. I am more successful for the whole day. My sleep is better.

Please drop a line of what you would like to add to your morning routine and how you think it might help you. I look forward to reading your comments!