Do I need a life coach?

One of the questions I’m asked a lot is “Do I need a life coach?” Life coaching can seem vague, and this is a great question and one I love to answer. Below I will give you examples of who needs a life coach, and tips to get started. If you fall into one or more of these categories, then you might need a life coach.

Did Something Awesome Happen?

Congratulations! Yay for awesomeness! You’re getting married, ready to graduate, got a new job, had a baby, launched your business, got a promotion, perhaps multiple offers of opportunity, etc. With all this goodness, sometimes there is serious growing pains. And, it is not always good, right? Even good things can cause stress and anxiousness. A Coach can help you overcome the growing pains, navigate the changes, and support your awesomeness moving forward in a healthier, much more enjoyable way.

Did Something Awful Happen?

I am so sorry if this is you. Job loss, hearing scary medical news, divorce, loss of a loved one, or constant conflict come into play here. Sometimes, this comes on all at once, and other times, it builds slowly creating tension, anxiety, and depression. All the bad stuff feels overwhelming and lonely. Due to the heaviness of these events, a Coach is trained to support you when you’re ready, and show you powerful tools to move forward into a more peaceful easy feeling place (que music).

Are You Stuck and Nothing Is Happening?

Did you hit that ready to quit phase because there hasn’t been growth in your business / job, relationships, or your health? I mean, nothing seems to be working! OR, you feel like you went in the wrong direction and feel you can’t get out? A Coach will help you remove fears, overcome limiting beliefs, challenge you to grow, and help you tap into your awesomeness to create a plan to help you get what you truly, deeply want.

Do You Want To Make Something Happen?

Is there something in your life or business that you desperately want? Start a business, get up early, get a promotion, meet health goals, find the love of your life, freaking learn to laugh and play again – these types of wonderful goals! YES!!! Oh, wait, are you also overwhelmed with where to start, frozen by the many decisions, or have no idea how to create lasting change? Because of how big these goals are and the potential to lose steam, a Coach can help you work through the resistance, help you tap into your inner wisdom, and encourage you to move through the overwhelm to get to the other side.

Are You Asking What The F**k Is Happening?

Angry. Anxious. Worried. Life throws us curve balls. Life lessons need to be reviewed. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense. It seems like you are alone, and this is not the case. A Coach will help you take responsibility, move away from victimhood, and most of all, shift into balance and forward movement.

Now what?

In conclusion, I invite you to experience coaching. You are ready for coaching when you want change, you are willing to act, you are willing to get uncomfortable to leap forward. I believe with a life coach you get from point A to point B:


With lasting results and awesome support

With accountability, focus, and balance

And positivity, and light, and did I mention transformational success?

Tips to Get Started

One of the first things I always work with my clients on, is for them to begin development of self awareness. Start noticing where your priorities are. Start noticing where you are wasting time, and when / where you are bringing value to your day. Bring curiosity to others, and to yourself – for example, if you are getting anxious, question if this made up issue is something to put your energy into or should you put your energy into connecting to yourself and other first? Begin or end the day with specific gratitude – what is going good in your world and what do you want more of?

Personal development does require paying attention, taking action, and really knowing what you truly desire.

It’s possible.