New Year Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! With the New Year, it is custom to think ahead to goals that you want. I’m curious, how you are working your New Year’s Resolution, or word of the year. Are you making this a “to do” goal – like lose weight, a “create a life” goal – for instance spend more time with family, or “maintaining a feeling” goal – an example is to choose joy?

Usually I work with a theme for the year. I think I had “breathe” for several years in a row, unsuccessfully. A pattern developed that I wanted the resolution, yet was not able to maintain it. Having anxiety and not being able to freaking “breathe” went hand in hand – and it wasn’t healthy – for me or anyone around me. As you can imagine, I really needed to “breathe”, and I kept failing. Why? I was missing connections, awareness, and feelings.

This year will be different. I have a new awareness of the priorities behind achievement of the New Year’s Resolution. Also, I am not picking one action to achieve, I’m going to work on feelings I want to create AND maintain. Working on my values, my goals, and really digging deep into my motivators, I have identified my priorities for 2018, and they are:

  • Business
  • Relationships (to self and others)
  • Growth.

Without the experience of life coaching, I would not have connected the priorities that need to be in place to ensure the resolution(s) would occur. Maybe you are one step ahead of me and already know this, but in 2017, I made that connection. And I’m running with it.

Also, with life coaching, I learned that I need to define words – to again further the connection and awareness. This year, I am working on achieving feelings, which helps me reach my priorities and goals.

2018 feelings to achieve

Abundant: to have more than enough so I’m not afraid or worried to provide to others (money, information, etc.)
Clear: to be present to myself and learn who I am. Also, to be more mindful. Continue with self-innovation. Continue with clear vision.
Creative: to create new without self judgement, to allow failure while falling forward, to discover
Curious: to listen and ask questions to myself and others without judgement
Light: to go with the flow, to be less ANAL, to laugh, to play, to offer myself compassion, to be positive

I’m excited and curious to know what YOUR New Year Resolutions are. Please add to the discussion! We have 12 chapters, 365 pages, and 24 words to make this happen. We can do eet!