Relieve stress and anxiety easily in 1 Step

Are you wanting the first step to relieve stress and anxiety – without being overwhelmed? Then you are in the right place. You’re in the right place as I’m the Anxiety to Happiness expert that KNOWS – I understand where you are and where you’ve been. Let’s break this down into one easy step.

Change your perception.

Wow, right?

Change your perception to allow the freedom to relieve yourself from this struggle.

Are you saying “But, but!”?

Hear me out for a second.

paper, flowers, hand

When you change your perception you can change your experience. They go hand in hand. Whatever the negative thought or belief you had at the time, look for and start seeing the opposite.

For example.

  • Before: You come home from a long day at work, and the kitchen is a disaster, you start feeling stress because you told your kids over and over to clean!
  • After: Your kids are getting along and playing. This is a great time to clean together (show them life skills).
  • Before: You’re running late and almost in a panic of what your friends will think when you get there – 5 minutes late and saying “I’m sorry” over and over.
  • After: You’re running late, and when you get there, say “Thank you for waiting for me, I’ve been looking forward to tonight all day!”
  • Before: You’re fighting with your spouse over who knows what, AGAIN, and don’t they know you are UPTOHERE with anger?!#?
  • After: You’re fighting with your spouse, and you know you want connection, so you see this as an opportunity to connect. You ask for a hug – and get one.

After changing your perception you can more easily take action to complete self-help work on NOT being triggered.

Not some random action, but a purposeful one.

More information on changing your perception and taking action is in the below video.

An action to do right now is to watch the video (or skip to the words below!)



The gist of the video

With stress and anxiety, there are often habits and behaviors that get in our way from moving from the struggle to a place of happiness.

I understand that, as I’ve been there.

You might be struggling with perfectionism, overwhelm, fear – I know I did.

So, to help you, I’m going to challenge you to see things from a new perspective. This is similar to changing perception from above but from a place of taking action. This is important!

Instead of looking at action/movement/change as something you can fail at, or it has to be perfect – see it from a place of an experiment.

What can you learn from these experiments?

There is always something to learn from the whole rainbow of success to failure and every feeling in between.

Play, experiment, adjust, grow.

Let’s begin to relieve the triggers of stress and anxiety

With action, I would like to offer you 3 ideas on what action you can take right now. Pick 1, 2, or all 3.

If you are currently doing 1, see if you can add in another. If you are doing all 3 – then my hat’s off to you!  Reach out to me to see if there is another option for you.

Option 1 – Newsletter

  • At the bottom of this blog, there is a sign up to be added to the newsletter. My newsletter is essentially my blog, with added info.
  • Currently, as of this writing, I am sending out 1 blog a week.
  • I do not spam or sell information. I value integrity and bring that with me to work – so have no fear of signing up.

Option 2 – Find, follow, and engage with me on social media (SM)

  • I’m currently on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Find your favorite platform and follow.
  • On SM I ask questions to challenge you, to bring awareness to your day/life, and encourage you to make tiny manageable changes.

Option 3 – Consider hiring a coach

  • Why a coach? Well, a coach challenges you, motivates you, helps you identify the CAUSE of the anxiety and stress (at least I do), and provides accountability.
  • With a coach, you move faster, more efficient, and with greater confidence from a place of stress and anxiety to a place of happiness.
  • My services help you identify points of growth, values, and improve your sleep, relationships, work/business, weight – essentially your whole life.
  • You can look at other coaches, as I might not be YOUR coach. And that’s OK. I want you to stop feeling this way. Hopefully, you want that more than me.
  • I’m direct, action-oriented, and curious.

Once More, with Feeling

The purpose here is to relieve stress and anxiety and get to a place of inner peace and happiness.  Natural consequences of this are healthier relationships, improved health (mental, physical, and spiritual), and an upgraded quality of life.

Taking action can be overwhelming – especially when shooting in the dark for “just the right answer”. The fear of “getting it wrong” can prevent us from any forward movement.

Learning to see changes/tools/skills as an experiment to see what works for YOU will help you move forward with self-compassion and freedom. No fear of failure.


In addition to changing your perception, take a step by picking one of the above options. Sign up for the newsletter, find/follow/engage with Focused Outcomes on social media, or consider hiring a coach.

If you are already doing all 3, then call me, let’s see if there is something else to explore.