1 year of UNLIMITED Life Coaching

Personalized Service

These fast and highly efficient sessions will add value to your day and better your life!

Laser coaching sessions are to the point, and get to the core dynamic of a situation, roadblock or insight to get you unstuck and moving to where you want to be fast.

What your heart, soul, or head needs, is what we can work on. Some examples include:

  • A big meeting coming up and you want access TODAY for prep work?
  • Vacationing with your In-Laws and you want to get centered before Friday?
  • Stress relief from all the to-dos and you seek inner peace 4x a week?
  • Anxious about … who the F knows why? Are you ready to breathe?

Schedule it, get your outcome met, and rock it!

Service Details $1497

For less than $100 a month, this is a fantastic stand-alone program, or you can upgrade your current program by bundling this together.

Cost for a year is $1497.00, paid in full, upfront.

Unlimited is pretty close, but not 100% accurate. The limitations are:

  • Limited to 1x per Focused Outcomes working day.
  • Coaching sessions last for a max of 15 minutes.
  • Held via phone.

Your Anniversary is with a Rolling 12 month calendar from date of payment.

Service Features

Session detail

You receive access to a calendar with my available times and you can schedule coaching sessions as needed.

Session detail

UNLIMITED coaching sessions are “laser sessions”, with highly focused outcome identified, worked on, and agenda met within 15 minutes.

Session detail

The first session will be longer with education on how laser sessions work and what to expect – so no need to worry if you’re doing it correctly.

Session detail

Can be a business expense if we discuss your business or work.