VIP Life Coaching Package

Customized Service

This 4 month 1-1 coaching path is in-depth, life changing, and just what you need.

Here, we will start with work on the Enneagram to discover your motivators, and then we will work on your needs, desires, values, and outcomes you seek. This highly personalized package supports you to walk away with personal growth, increased ability to manage your life’s evolving obstacles (goodbye anxiety!), with increased focus, calm, and ease. The goal here is increased life success and management with ease and joy.

Accountability, motivation, education, and support are built into all coaching sessions.

So far, this is the same as the Upgraded Life Coaching Package.

Service Details $1897

As a result of this program, you will flexibly get to where you want to be, with specific action steps and tools. Your life will go from fragmentation to integration. This shift helps heal anxiety and lowers stress.

It can be uncomfortable, but it’s worth it!

12 sessions held over 4 months, scheduled 3 sessions/month.

Sessions last 1 hour or less.

Sessions held over the phone.

Outside support/ accountability/motivation is provided, including unlimited text support.

Cost $1897, paid in full, up front. Option to split into 2 payments of $950 each, month 1 and month 2.

Added value:

  • unlimited email support
  • sessions can be recorded for you to review at your leisure 
  • 4 additional Laser coaching calls (15 min coaching sessions) 


Service Features

Session 1

This first session we go over the coaching responsibilities, work on the Enneagram, identify your purpose for coaching and desired outcomes, and identify areas that you would like to develop as a person.

Session 2-12 and 4 Laser Sessions

Remaining sessions are directed by you.

Laser coaching sessions are short, to the point, and get to the core dynamic of a situation, roadblock or insight to get you unstuck and moving to where you want to be fast.

Don’t worry, I’ll be fully prepared to support you as needed. YOU will laugh, evolve, and discover who you really are and willingly shift to who you want to be.

Success is here.