Friendly reminder – You are NOT alone

Hello, hello! As a person who has previously felt alone, I wanted to help others who have the same struggle. Moving forward, I’m going to focus on you getting to know me, having a little more fun, and getting helpful tips – with a goal of feeling connected. Often we feel alone, and seeing other people overcome anxiety, discuss issues, etc can be inspiring, and connecting. So with this, I’ve decided to work more with videos. Also, having my personality – with real slips ups and oops, can help you see who I really am. #authentic #noediting #videoisnotbestqualitybutidon’tcare #thisisreal

I was thinking of sharing stories a bit more so you can see what is going on in this “crazy Danielle head”.

You can hear about things I have achieved as I have had a HOT MESS of a life.

I would also like to do fun videos as to what coaching is and who can benefit.

The core would be to provide helpful tips – and let you know you are NOT ALONE.

What you are struggling with, is something I’ve struggled with, or a thousand-other people are struggling with.

I decided upon the videos as it is easier for you to get to know me a little more – see and hear my personality – plus – TIP ALERT – you can add extensions to your browser to watch videos at faster speeds on your computer. For instance, I watch Marie Forleo at a speed of 1.9 using the Chrome extension “Video Speed Controller”. I can whip through her videos quickly and with the ability to process and understand what she is saying. I recommend you install an extension for videos to watch them at your helpful speed. You can watch them fast or slow. Go your pace.

With Android (huge google gal here), I use the default video player app, called “Video”. I download videos, then open them in the player to increase speeds. Try it out! Let me know what you think. I’m guessing IPhone has a similar feature, but I can’t test it out. If you know a great app, please share!

I like to be efficient and use my time wisely, so that is why I thought this could be a helpful tip.

The stories I want to share are important, as I think people are overall too hard on themselves and don’t see the little success nuggets they make during the day. We often experience #succcessamnesia and I want to help prevent that. With this change of mindset, that can help with anxiety and overwhelm, as well as offer self-compassion.

Helping you, can and will help others. We are all striving for connection, health, wealth, and happiness.

PS This written post is NOT verbatim from the video. The video is purely ad-libbed.

PPS Watching the video you can hear my favorite TV show. And meet my Employee of the day.

If you have a problem or struggle, drop me a line – let me know. I will be HAPPY to offer a tip!